jQuery Thumbnail Hover Popup for Greasemonkey


Click here to view the demo

How To Use


  imgSmallFlag: "_s",
  imgLargeFlag: "_l"


Option Type Default
popupId String thumbPopup
popupCSS Properties {‘border’: ‘1px solid #000000’, ‘background’: ‘#FFFFFF’}
imgSmallFlag String _t
imgLargeFlag String _l
cursorTopOffset Integer 15
cursorLeftOffset Integer 15
loadingHtml HTML <span style=”padding:5px;”>Loading</span>


This plugin will display a thumbnail’s larger image like a tooltip when you hover over the thumbnail.  I originally made the plugin for Greasemonkey so I could preview larger images on certain sites without having to click to the next page.  It also works great when implemented directly on a site.

This plugin can be used on sites whose thumbnails and larger images have almost the exact same filenames except for one piece that changes between the two.  Here are some example sites, the filename conventions they use, and example userscripts for Greasemonkey:

Size Flickr Vi.sualize.us TinyPic
Small filename_s.jpg filename_m.jpg filename_th.jpg
Medium filename_m.jpg
Large filename.jpg filename_h.jpg filename.jpg
Userscript Userscript Userscript