Debug Log Parser

Update: This tool no longer works with Salesforce’s debug logs since they have switched to the new log format.

The Debug Log Parser (DLP) makes it easy to understand debug logs generated by the service.  The debug logs contain a lot of useful information like what apex triggers fired, what workflow fired, what field updates were made, and what order everything happened in.  Sifting through the logs manually is time consuming and does not make the event hierarchy very evident.

If someone is having an issue with a transaction in their environment, you can ask them for a debug log of the transaction and you could easily understand their setup better.


  • See the different events that fired
    • Triggers
    • Workflow
    • Validation Rules
  • Easily understand the order of events and their hierarchy
  • Quickly identify workflow rules that evaluated to true and the field updates that resulted from them


  • .NET 3.5

Download (19.7 KB)

Video Demo